Smoking devices are more common in the cannabis culture as they utilize the latest technology while providing the best possible experience of consuming the cannabis. Different types of weed pipes may work differently, but they have the same delivery method. Some people prefer eating cannabis instead of smoking, and they are right, as no smoke can be good for the lungs. Still, to make things easier, there are three ways of delivery methods: oral, inhalation and topical. We will explain first the inhalation method and then will move on the other two.

Cannabis Inhalation

This is an ancient method that is present today all around the world, and it is the most used method for cannabis consumption. Classic smoke is the best, but the experts came up with the healthier solution and that is vaporizing with vape devices. Although smoking effects are not confirmed 100% to be harmful, smoke cannot be healthy for any person.

Hand pipes

The most commonly used tool is a hand pipe. The concept of the device is also ancient although the look depends on the artistic preferences of the man who made it. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Water pipes (bongs)

Water pipes utilize water in its process and give the consumer less harsh smoke. The smoke is cooled as it passes through water before going to your lungs. It does filter the harmful substances but you cannot be assured 100% that no harmful substance gets to your body. The favorite way of smoking for hardcore stoners.

Rolling papers (rizla)

Rolling cannabis in a paper or a tobacco leaf (also called blunt) is the most used way of consuming cannabis. The papers can be made of hemp, rice, bamboo or other plant. They have a glue on the top that helps you to lick/close your joint and make it compact.


These devices heat the cannabis material up to a certain temperature degree where the matrials starts to vaporizing, instead of burning like in joint. This method is the healthiest method of consumption so far as you inhale a steam.

Oral methods – tinctures, oils, edibles

This method includes ingestion of the cannabis tinctures, oils or edibles. These extracts are powerful and very potent, but healthy at the same time as there are no smoke at all. Tinctures are best to use on the empty stomach.

Ingestible oils are something between edibles and concentrate: you can swallow them, but also roll in joint and smoke. They became popularized in 2003 by Rick Simpson.

Edibles are any food that contains cannabis and this food produces long-lasting and powerful effects both on mind and body. Not for inexperienced users.

Topical Method

Topical method refers to cannabis extract, usually a thick oil that has been decarboxylated. This process enables cannabinoids to remain inactive until you put the oil on your skin, when cannabinoids are absorbed and activated through your skin. The main difference of topical method is that  these products do not produce “high” feeling. They rather localize the pain but leave your head and mind intact.