Shatter: What You Need To Know & How To Smoke It?

Shatter: What You Need To Know & How To Smoke It?

As the dabbing culture slowly rises to the top, cannabis concentrates are available in many different shapes an forms. How to use shatter is one of those questions that newbie smokers would like to know to answer since they have no experience with the dabbing. Although products like shatter, wax or dab are pretty much the same thing, there is still a lot of misinformation about these. We have prepared a short guide about shatter, which a cannabis concentrate. Feel free to post any comments and questions regarding our article.

What does shatter stands for?

Shatter is, like we said before, cannabis concentrate that is can shatter like a glass. Wax and resin are also concentrates but they have a different viscosity. Shatter is produced after you collect dried cannabis flowers and use solvent to extract cannabinoids. As the flowers can be of sativa or indica plant, it is the same for shatter. Of course, the difference in potency is totally huge. Concentrates can have up to 99% of THC/CBD while dried flowers not more than 30%, in the ideal conditions. Although there are many concentrates, shatter is the most potent you will ever try.

Does shatter have a smell of weed?

Some concentrates lose their aromas during the extraction process. Terpenes, which give each plant a unique smell, are very fragile and it can be very hard to preserve these and keep the smell. You can find though aromatic concentrates that can smell even more pungent that flowers, although this is rare. But regular/commercial dabs/shatters pretty much don’t have that distinct cannabis smell like flowers usually do, and if you are using a vaporizer, you can smoke it outside without any problems. Only people who are cannabis enthusiasts will be able to recognize the smell, although they will not be sure if they are tipping in the beginning.

How to use shatter?

To enjoy in the potency of shatter, a regular cannabis user could face some minor obstacles due to required equipment and knowledge. Still, you can always crush it and roll it in joint, however, we advise to use one of the techniques below for the best experience. Invest a bit more and enjoy more!

Oil rig bongs

The oil rigs are custom-made rigs that are designed to be like small bongs that are designed for concentrates. The difference between a regular bong and oil rig bong is that oil rigs have a glass nail that you apply shatter to before you start with smoking. E-rig vaporizers are really popular right now as you can experience shatter anywhere outside due to low-key smell and taste.


Vaporizers have changed the cannabis culture and made it healthier. These simple devices have two components: a battery and tank where you put your shatter. You simply then heat it up and enjoy your vapor! Dr. Dabber is a great portable vaporizer for concentrates and it is great for beginners as it is very straightforward. The price is not high, considering the experience you get for the price.