Extract vs Concentrate – Which One Is Better?

Extract vs Concentrate – Which One Is Better?

There is a strong debate for the past few years over the question: extract vs concentrate – which one is better? Now, as some stoners like the cannabis extracts only, they will claim that the extracts are better. To perform the best and the most objective review, we will try to explain the difference between these two. We will also, explain how you can determine whether you are looking at the concentrate or extract of the cannabis plant. Now let’s explain what are these two words, as we expect to host some of the inexperienced cannabis smokers.

What is a concentrate of cannabis?

Cannabis concentrate is any cannabinoid product that is produced through any of these three processes: a mechanical process, CO2 without heat or pressure and water/ethanol process. For example, if you want to make a bubble hash, you will use bubble bags, ice and water and therefore the process you are going to utilize is mechanical, which means you are making a concentrate.

A bubble bag is actually a mechanical tool that you use to separate trichomes from the plant. Rosin is also n example of cannabis concentrate that has emerged recently; there are two steel plates that are heated and pressed together to squeeze the cannabis dried or wet material that is put between the plates. This will “extract” all the oils and cannabinoids from the plant without using any liquid or dissolvent.

What is an extract of cannabis?

An extract made of cannabis plant is any cannabinoid product that is produced using CO2 with applied heat and pressure or using any hydrocarbon-based solvent. Some people prefer extracts as all the hydrocarbon extracts have stronger potency, they are easy to use and you can feel the cannabis terpenes to the maximum.  Butane Hash Oil is well-known extract, where hydrocarbon based butane separates trichomes and the resin from material. After they are separated, the extractor physically removes the remaining butane from the oil. This way, the oil will keep the flavor, potency and price consistency as you will get a hell of a high after you smoke BHO.

One of the easiest extracts to use is CO2 oil. CO2 breaks down the trichomes as it passes through the plant material. Once it passes through, the extractor will use heat and pressure to utilize the separation of CO2 from the final product. The final product can be loaded in e-cigar pen tip. This is great for people that are looking for a super stealth method of cannabis consumption while maintaining the quality, potency and flavor.

Which one is better in the end?

After we have explained how each type of cannabis products is produced, we are getting to a conclusion where we need to determine which one is better. The best answer is: it depends on the consumer. Extracts are usually easier to find and they are cheaper, especially if you are buying a bulk.  They give you an option to smoke them almost anywhere, using pens and e-cigarettes while staying incognito. On the other side, concentrates compensate for their higher price with the quality, as you will get high like you have never experienced before. They are harder to find but they are much better in terms of quality and flavor, which are usually the starting point for all cannabis consumers.