Dab VS Weed: How Strong Are Dabs Compared to Weed?

Dab VS Weed: How Strong Are Dabs Compared to Weed?

Weed effects are certainly strong, especially when you bump into some indica strain that couchlocks you. Still, as the dabbing becomes more and more popular, it is natural to see somewhere along the road the sign “dab vs weed”. Of course, the cannabis concentrates are much more potent than regular flowers, as you get the pure THC trichomes when you use concentrates. Hands down – dabs are stronger than any weed you have ever smoked!

The strongest lab tested wax had 99,99% of pure cannabinoids while the strongest weed had oonly around 30%. The difference in potency is evident. Still, the additional equipment you usually need for dabbing detracts many users as they need to invest additional money. Let’s break down the myth and explain few things.

Can an inexperienced cannabis smoker try dabs?

To be clear, dabs are meant to be smoked by hardcore weed lovers, However, if you are gaining a lot of interest in dabs and cannabis concentrates generally, here are few things you could do to make sure you get the best dabbing experience possible. First of all, you can go for a lab test. The lab test is performed by all the cannabis dispensaries as they want to provide their customers with all the specs about the stuff they are buying. This way you will know how potent the stuff is, and you can decide whether you want that or something less potent.

Follow the three golden rules to achieve the best experience

When it comes using, it is extremely important to know your dosage. From one gram of concentrate, you can dab about 40 times, under the condition that you are new to dabbing. Experienced smokers will dab about 5-10 times at most. Make sure you test different dosages to find the one that is the best for you. You don’t want to start coughing and burn your concentrate for a big cloud of smoke that you will be coughing out.

Watch out for set and atmosphere, as the dabbing gives you much stronger high and can produce increased paranoia or similar unwanted effects. You don’t want to take your first dab at the Cannabis cup, but rather at some comfortable place where you feel safe. Make sure you also have enough water as you will be thirsty. Just have in mind that if the effects are become overwhelming, remind yourself that everything is cool and that you are at a comfortable and safe place. Don’t start tripping.

You must have a set of proper tools so you can enjoy in your cannabis experience to the maximum. Spend some money on quality vaporizers first. You don’t want to blaze high-grade medical cannabis concentrates with some domeless nail and low-grade vaporizer. Get yourself a professional equipment to blaze like a boss! Also, do not buy low-budget plastic containers for your concentrates. Instead, buy platinum and professional containers to store your product.

In a nutshell – dab or weed?

Depending on what you want. Weed is more conventional and you can find it anywhere basically, while concentrates are not that easy to find. Dabbing is great for people who like to enjoy cannabis, but cannot deal with the smells of smoking weed, due to many reasons. Concentrates do produce some smell, but the smell is not that skunky as it is with flowers. The concentrates are great for people who have sensitive lungs but need cannabis. The overall potency is much stronger in concentrates so there is no need to discuss anymore whether the dabs are stronger than weed.