All About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrate

What does Cannabis Concentrate mean?

Cannabis concentrate is a tincture, oil, wax, kief or any other type of THC concentrate that can come in various forms and shapes. The type of concentrate you get depends on the method of the extraction of the cannabinoids. The reason why THC concentrates are strong is that they have a high dose of the cannabinoids that stick to your ganja receptors and make you high. You can often hear “dab” word, as referring to cannabis concentrate.

Everything About Cannabis Concentrates And Their Use

What are concentrates and extracts?

What are concentrates and extracts?

An extract of cannabis is any cannabis product except leaf. Oil, tincture, edibles and candies are made of cannabis oil that is made by the simple and easy process, using the high-quality grade buds.

Cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs, are THC and CBD-rich concentrates that are produced via a complex process that requires good chemistry skills. These products are known to be very potent and high demand is always on the run for these concentrates.

Is there a difference between a concentrate and an extract?

Is there a difference between a concentrate and an extract?

Concentrates are much more potent than any cannabis extract product, hands down! Also, concentrates are easier to use and they preserve cannabis terpenes better. One of the most popular extract products is butane hash oil that is made with the help of hydrocarbon-based butane gas that separates trichomes and resin from the material.

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Physical Separation

Physical Separation

Some people do not like to use any liquid solvents so the cannabis connoisseurs came with heat and pressure method that extracts the tasty juice out of the flower, using only the pressure and heat. If made properly, the rosin you end up with could have more than 50% of THC.

Liquid Solvent Extraction

Liquid Solvent Extraction

One of the most known and best liquid solvents is ethanol. The process is fast and much safer than for example butane extraction method. The ethanol will separate trichomes from flowers and after you cook/evaporate alcohol, you will be left with the THC-rich extract.